SOMETIME NEXT SUMMER, you’ll be able to watch a horror series that is exactly as scary as you want it to be—no more, no less. You’ll pull up the show, which relies on software from the artificial intelligence startup Affectiva, and tap a button to opt in. Then, while you stare at your iPad, its … Continue reading

The Spa-Like Bathroom: 10 Top Trends for 2015

Just like the kitchen, contemporary designs are growing in popularity in bathroom remodels. These contemporary touches in the bathroom equate to clean and open designs, with floating vanities and freestanding tubs. Last week, at Styled Staged & Sold, we highlighted the top 10 trends for the kitchen this year. This week, we focus on the … Continue reading

Advice For First Time Home Buyers

Buying your first home is exciting and a bit scary.  If you are an eager first-time homebuyer here are some tips as you take the plunge. Mortgage Calculator: Check out an online mortgage calculator before calling a lender or a real estate agent.  This will give you an idea of exactly where you stand when … Continue reading

Buying Your First Home

After years and years of renting apartments the thought of buying your first home can be exciting and a bit terrifying.  Though the process itself can be a bit challenging the satisfaction at the end is a feeling that nothing in your life will ever compare to.  Buying a home, your first real estate transaction, … Continue reading

The Necessity Of Computers In Our Everyday Life

Like it or not computers have become more of a necessity than not. Computers are no longer a nonessential piece of equipment in your life. Everywhere you turn computers are present from the office to the gas station life is made easier because of them. They help add to the attractiveness of your office and … Continue reading