SEO What, SEO Who??

Search engine optimization or SEO for short helps you get noticed on the search engine results page. This allows potential customers to reach you. When they type in a word, the search engine pulls up relevant information. This would be called your “Organic” traffic, as you are not paying for the traffic like Pay-Per Click … Continue reading

Three Things to Check If Your Computer Is Not Working

Many times we have looked online for different solutions to fix our computer problems without having the appropriate knowledge. Sometimes we get lucky and fix the issue, other times we make the issues worse. Most of the time, it’s better to have a computer repair specialist look at your PC. However, we are here to … Continue reading

Why Do I Need a Good Website Design?

A good web design is a must for a any website. Most of the businesses have online presence but among these, a few have a good design. Web-development, though seems simple, it requires attention to detail. If you’re website is designed poorly, or above all, is developed on a stock WordPress theme, this is not … Continue reading