What is managed IT services and do I need it?

If you want to grow your business, one of the best ways to achieve this type of goal is to improve the efficiency of your IT infrastructure. But creating an IT department is expensive, and many times you may not be able to get the results you want. That’s where the need for managed IT service comes into play.

The Term Managed IT Services

Managed IT services are IT related services provided by a third party contractors. Basically, the managed service provider is hired to handle and manage the IT infrastructure of that business. Then, the customer will end up paying for the managed IT services, and that’s it.

Usually, the managed IT services are offered as a subscription, with a recurring payment that happens every month. Alternatively, a business can hire managed IT support companies only when they require any type of help. The service level agreement, which is a contract between the two parts, will always include the terms of each contract, what the company needs and what managed services are supposed to deliver.

Why does your company need managed IT services?

There are lots of reasons why managed services are a very good investment for your business. First, you get to reduce or eliminate any downtime caused by IT problems. These are proactive solutions designed to solve any issues, remove any performance problems and repair the infrastructure when needed.

Plus, managed IT services are less expensive when compared to hiring an entire IT department as well, which is extremely helpful. Companies that offer managed IT services are also known for their high-quality services, dedication, and tremendous value. That’s the thing that makes such services stand out, and the value on its own is unlike anything you have ever seen.

Outsourcing IT services removes the need for an IT department. As a result, your company spends less on this services, but it still gets the security and compliance it requires. Being able to access services from high-quality IT professionals is very important, and that can always help take your business to the next level.

Also, managed IT services deliver immediate access to new technologies that your company can use on the fly. Usually, investing in these technologies can be extremely demanding, so the results can be second to none if you opt for the right approach.

Allowing Your Business To Grow

One thing is certain, managed IT services help you take your business to new heights, and they allow you to focus on your company’s growth. Plus, removing the need for an IT department is outstanding, and the results as a whole are more than impressive. You should always consider investing in managed IT services right away if you want your company to grow fast and with tremendous results!

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The Importance of Managed IT Support Services for the Growth of Your Business

What are managed IT Support services?

Managed IT Support services in clear terms is the process of outsourcing a small to medium businesses IT tasks or services to another company who are entirely a Commercial  IT services provider. Global spending forecast carried out by expert points out that, managed IT Support services will increase to over $900 billion plus, in 2017 alone. As SMBs (Small and Medium-sized businesses) are now beginning to understand the importance of managed IT Support services and are now tapping into IT outsourcing. The more SMBs springing up daily, the more various managed IT Support services are unfolding.

Some of the major importance of a Managed IT support services and in broader terms a commercial IT will be enumerated as follows;

  1. Proactive Approach to IT Problems

This is about the most important part of a fully managed IT services; the fact being that managed IT support services provider (MSP) does all the worry and brainstorming for the client, making sure their IT infrastructures are in a top-notch state . Commercial IT has simplified making the right decisions by solving potential issues without wasting time; leaving client’s to focus more on other segments of the business.  A Managed IT services provider will always make sure their clients do not need to bother about their daily IT operations. An effective way MSP helps grow a SMBs is in the aspect of availability, providing 24/7 and year round coverage.

  1. Opportunities to accessing latest technologies

A fully managed IT support service will offer clients (SMBs) to have a team of IT guru’s with wide experience and exposure to mitigate and troubleshoot issues arising with client’s facilities. This in return offers clients the opportunities of having access to the latest technology’s and business-upgrade solutions. This will boast and sustain profitability and availability of client facilities! Having access to latest technologies help in creating faster solutions to problems and thereby reducing work load on internal over worked staffs

 3. ROI/Cost Savings

Also an important core business value of managed services is effective cost savings. IT planned budgets comprises of several items: software, network and hardware costs, maintenance costs and infrastructure costs, labor cost is significant for any businesses who rely solely on managed services providers. Most of the time companies exploring options of a managed IT support may need to reduce the size of their IT department reason being to reduce cost of paying their present staff’s salary is on the high.

What managed IT support services bring to the table of the client is simply, the client is more equipped to easily forecast their IT costs on a daily, monthly or even yearly basis. This will obviously break the ROI of company adopting a managed IT support service down for them, and easily explain how freeing up staff time to concentrate on more reasonable projects they have specialty to manage and increases efficiency and productivity at the long run.

  1. Uptime maximization

Recently, most SMBs need to be adequately brace up for emergencies such as utility or power failures, data loss, security breaches, or other disasters that could impact the availability of their facilities. There’s a definite need for constant uptime and business availability. A managed IT support services provider will help grow a client’s facilities by identify and preventing any kind of disaster that can impact a downtime situation on their business

  1. Enhanced Security

The prospective client turns to managed IT support services provider for getting world class and updated security of valuable data transmission and transfers to avoid data loss and breach of classified information which can be infiltrated via usage of client’s hardware like desktop, laptop, multimedia phones, application, servers, Operating system. Clients will do this for the purpose of getting a more effective and strictest security that most times can’t be acquired internally.

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